In this video you’ll learn why it is so important for you to customize your WooCommerce emails, and how to accomplish the same with the YayMail plugin.

In today’s world there are transactional emails and marketing automation emails.

At, we recommend to our clients that they use the power of WooCommerce, and the accessories like YayMail plugin, to customize WooCommerce emails that involve customer interactions.

Then one can use the follow-up capability of your favorite Marketing Automation solutions to carry on with the customer relationship.

By personalizing the look, feel and data contained within the transactional emails, you ensure an overall better customer journey, as well as provide yourself and your customers the information that is required to complete the transaction or delivery.

With the YayMail Email Customizer Plugin, you get immediate and powerful control over all of the look, feel and content of your WooCommerce transactional emails.

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