So here’s the thing.

Sometimes worlds collide or three unrelated things come together and suddenly feel like they were made for each other.

This is what happened to me today on Facebook.

I saw my friend, Munir Kamal’s post about how the incredible Editor Plus plugin for Gutenberg was being updated.

If you don’t know, that plugin turns the default editor of WordPress into something with all the power and controls you’d find in a page builder like Elementor or Divi but without the cost or complexity.

So as I’m reading about the update, it occurred to me that, wait a minute…. I’ve just finished the new marketing workshop course by Justin DeMers and Sarah Tempte called “WakeUpToFreedom”.

He was introduced to me, indirectly, by my client and an amazing marketer herself…
Rachel Miller….who also happens to be a DYNAMO personality, mom and overall joy to work with any time.

As a professional marketer and product reviewer, I’m constantly looking at new ideas and new tactics for online business owners and consultants to use for their products and services.

What occurred to me is that the WakeUpToFreedom “workshop” method was really brilliant compared to the webinar and value-ladder model I used successfully for years at to onboard new students and members to my communities.

But the real “a ha” moment came when I realized…wait a minute… the workshop course doesn’t provide the final and maybe most important part!

They simply suggest that folks should go “make a website” at Kajabi or ClickFunnels, etc., but there’s not even a mention of WordPress, let alone Gutenberg and WooCommerce (or LaunchFlows) for creating the solution.

That “a ha” moment was JUST the inspiration I needed!!

Why NOT put three unrelated things together into ONE amazing opportunity for anyone who has been struggling with the pain points associated with all three areas of attention?

1) Prove by DOING…that the workshop model promoted and taught by Justin and Sarah ACTUALLY works…by following their training step by step using my own products/services.

2) Demonstrate how making a Sales Funnel with Gutenberg and WooCommerce and LaunchFlows is RIDICULOUSLY easy (one click copy and paste!) but ALSO economical….since you don’t have to make the huge commitment of $300/month to ClickFunnels or Kajabi (as suggested in the workshop course)

3) Give HUGE VALUE by delivering the same content and expertise I normally share (in a $300 per hour consulting call) via a workshop instead.

And actually…a workshop about making a workshop!! (I’m thinking of Kramer from Seinfeld and the Coffee Table book that was a Coffee table!)

So…here it is.

I’m doing a live workshop, with two live dates. This content will then be available for any buyers to view at any time thereafter in the archive.

I’m going to teach how to use a very specific and inexpensive stack of plugins, including the Editor Plus plugin, on WordPress…to achieve a business website outcome that would be very challenging for many people who are not familiar with the latest and greatest options available on WordPress.

In doing so, I can guarantee an outcome that will be worth 10X the $27 to $64 cost…and still be a fraction of the cost of a private consultation call with me.

No coding required. No previous experience required. No worries required.
Please watch my video below, then click the link to see for yourself…. You literally have nothing to lose.

Just $27 and you will have the knowledge, the tools and the confidence to deliver your own business solution in a workshop but then also have the WordPress website for Membership, Marketing Automation, eLearning, eCommerce (WooCommerce), and Sales Funnels.

Instead of spending $300 a month for a limited capability platform, you can own and control it all with open source using the software that runs about 47% of the entire Internet today!!

I can’t wait to see you inside.


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