In this video you’ll learn two of my own secret ways to navigate the WordPress Admin Menu.

After you see this video…these shortcuts will be YOUR secrets as well!


Turbo Admin
Admin Menu Editor


Hey it’s Spence from WPLaunchClub with your WordPress tip of the day!

Today I want to show you how fast and easy it can be to navigate the WordPress admin dashboard using Turbo Admin

This is a browser extension for Chrome Firefox and Edge that allows you to type a couple letters or a full word and go immediately where you would like to go in the admin dashboard. 

Now in all of my WPLaunchKit demos I’ve previously used a plugin, and still do on my personal sites, called Admin Menu Editor

This organizes the admin dashboard alphabetically and allows you some other control, but turbo-admin is slightly different and they work together brilliantly. 

Best of all it’s free now for you to use for unlimited use. They’re going to be charging a small price, I think $35 dollars for the pro version, but you can start using it today for free.

Let me show you. Over here I have got a LaunchKit demo site set up and on the back end of it I am using the admin menu editor. 

You can see here I’ve organized things alphabetically which results in things being listed alphabetically here, very easy for me to find what I want. Your mileage may differ. 

You can also block things together into groups whatever you want. 

Here’s how turbo-admin works. 

I use a shortcut combo shift+control+alt and I press the letter “P” and now a menu comes up. 

So, if I want to go to WP Fusion, I can go right to the settings or the tools. 

If I want to go over to LaunchFlows I just type in that key command combination and the same thing happens. I can go to the main screen or to any of the submenus. 

It’s really handy when you already know the name of what you’re looking for because you don’t even have to scroll through an alphabetical list.

I suggest you go over to and try the extension. 

As I mentioned, they’re offering it for free for a certain amount of time and I believe if you wanted to buy it, the price is just $35 dollars for six activations. 

This is a really good deal that you can use on multiple browsers or multiple computers. 

Either way I hope this tip has helped you out and I’ll see you on the next video!

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