In this video you’ll learn how to setup basic A/B testing for WordPress in 3 minutes

It’s easy to configure basic tests to determine which variation of a page or sales funnel call to action perform better than another. Follow this easy recipe to get started in 3 minutes!


Nelio A/B Testing


Install the Nelio A/B testing plugin and choose a page to test.

You will want to focus on just one variation to test, such as the color of a button or the text of that call to action in a sales funnel using LaunchFlows.

If you try and test more than one thing at a time you will get no useful result because you won’t know what caused visitors to choose one vs. the other.

In my example, I created a button at the bottom of the Terms of Service page and gave it the unique HTML Anchor of “cta”.

Then inside of Nelio A/B plugin, I created a test using this Terms of Service page and chose “click” as the trigger to watch for in order to see which variation performed better.

I then used the option of “Element ID” for Nelio to monitor and added “cta” as the specific ID that I’m using for this test.

Finally I added a custom note and title to this test and clicked “start” in order to begin the test.

It’s that easy!

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