Not offensive, but not effective either

WordPress or SEO Freelancer pitching on LinkedIn, here is a prospecting tactic that I feel is all too common and may be useful to you going forward.

I’m on the receiving end of this 10x or more per day, and while this particular automated pitch is not offensive…it’s most certainly not effective in my experience.

Usually I just block and delete this person as a contact, but in this case I knew something about the person and felt it was just a case of misunderstanding how it feels to be the prospect on the receiving end of the pitch…so I shared my thoughts.

Am I opinionated? Of course!! I’ve been an entrepreneur and marketer my whole professional life 😉

But I’m also from a generation where we TOOK TIME to LEARN ABOUT A PROSPECT before jumping into automated pitches. Heck, we didn’t even HAVE automation like this until recently.

It’s my premise that AI and other tools are going to magnify the need for marketers and service providers to focus even more back to the human aspect of relationship building vs. everything looking and acting like a “hit and run”

What do you think?

(*I’ve protected the identify of this person…for reasons stated. Normally I’d show their true self, but this was a genuine lack of experience in my opinion, not a spammer)

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