Love using Canva to design sales pages or websites, but wish you had an instant way to make money selling Canva templates? Here’s how to do it in under 3 minutes…then own and control your customers, revenue and business. Easy!

Canva is a powerful graphic design tool that allows users to create beautiful designs without the need for advanced technical skills. By creating templates with Canva, individuals and businesses can tap into a large market of users looking for affordable, professionally designed materials.

In this post and video, I discuss the numerous benefits of creating and selling templates on Canva with our ready-to-use solution, including increased income, expanded creative potential, and the ability to reach a wider audience.

Our new “LaunchFlows For Everything” hosted solution will make it easy for anyone to use the most powerful tools, platforms and marketplaces to offer their goods and services, and then send the customers directly into a ready-to-use sales funnel, checkout and membership solution.

We have now progressed with WordPress and the hosting ecosystem to the point where a large number of our LaunchFlows customers need the same core solutions, and would rather “rent” them as a ready-to-use solution, along with our expert support, at an incredibly reasonable price vs. “tinkering” or shopping for parts to put together themselves.

As shown in the example above, there is a huge and vibrant community of people who do NOT want to become WordPress experts, but instead want to just sell their products, designs or services, but need a place to direct these prospects to complete the purchase, offer upsells and cross sells, as well as follow up with access to the protected content or deliverables, newsletters and more.

Our new “LaunchFlows For Everything” solution will likely start as low as $19/mo and provide immediate satisfaction for brainstorming or testing a new idea, but can be scaled up if the business requires, along with the expertise on demand for adding more advanced capabilities.

Selling Canva Templates

Best of all, it’s all open-source, so if one wants to cancel and end the relationship, it’s easy to just move it to your own hosting and get your own licenses for the included software. You cannot do that with other SaaS solutions, because you never actually own or control the solution as you do with WordPress.

We are in a membership economy, and though many people want to spend time working exclusively with the front-end design of WordPress, a huge market exists for folks who prefer to use the simplicity and previous skills they have for making sales pages and promotions in another tool or medium and then sending those clicks to an “engine” that we provide for all the transactional and marketing follow-up.

Now this can be done with all the ownership and control benefits of WordPress, but without the hassle of learning to become a WordPress expert.

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We are planning to go live the second week of February, 2023

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