In this post you’ll learn how to take the plunge with a profitable side hustle that can earn you $300/hr or more.

Hey, it’s Spence from WPLaunchClub. I’ve been in the online Freelance space since 2006 teaching Freelancers how to succeed with WordPress. 

The tools we used back then were different than today. In those days it was a lot of coding and hands-on work to make websites functional and attractive.

But the one thing that has remained consistently true is the demand from smart people wanting to have simple pain points solved quickly. Most people either don’t want to learn or can’t be bothered to spend the time even if they know how.

So, rather than chasing complicated big-ticket projects, I show freelancers how to attract
prospective clients by showing Your Best Profile and offering simple solutions that can be sold quickly and lead to profitable recurring revenue relationships built on trust.

If you’re already a freelancer, hoping to be, or someone recently changing from a corporate career, then this type of side hustle may be a great match for your.

The advantage of doing this proven side hustle is threefold:

1) You can do it without a reputation and without a lot of money

2) You can do it even if you don’t live geographically in the United States

3) You can make money doing something that is fun and doesn’t feel like work

Over the last seventeen years, I’ve proven to tens of thousands of students and clients that one can earn a recurring income from selling just a couple of these simple solutions on a regular basis.

Today I’m going to share an example of how this system works, for catching a couple small fish per week as a side hustle, to help you create the lifestyle and independence you desire.

Instead of a high-priced, complicated course, I’ve put together an extremely simple and easy to follow workshop that is priced at just $9. Yes, nine dollars. And with a 100% money back guarantee.

This is my way of showing anyone, from around the world, exactly how to improve and share Your Best Profile in order to attract profitable freelance clients with a ready-to-use solution such as the Parents Club, with no prior experience required.

I also include an optional email strategy and step-by-step sequence to help you learn The Art Of Conversion, along with a Personal Profile Rehab that points out specific things you can change to improve your chances with prospective clients.

Whether you start with just my workshop, or get the entire bundle, I will walk you through the essentials of how to succeed financially by improving your online profile, prospecting strategy, sales approach, and relationship building.

The “secret sauce” is in the ready-to-use LaunchKits that I provide you as a product you can sell, with no prior experience required. Each of these can be “whitelabled” and used an unlimited number of times with your own hosting & credit card processing, including the free demonstration launchers, so you focus exclusively on selling.

But, even if you don’t have the interest or capability to do the hosting and credit card processing (perhaps because you live outside the United States), then we can manage these things for you and share the revenue through our affiliate referral program. Easy!

As you will learn below, the recommended annual cost of a simple solution like Parents Club is just $300, with an option to pay you $50 to $100 per month ($1200/yr) to manage the basic editorial and notification activities of their club. That’s potentially $1500 per year of recurring revenue for you, per client.

A little background story about me.

I’ve raised three sons as a single parent while transitioning from Real Estate Development into Technology. Along the way I’ve helped tens of thousands of freelancers to understand that there is a whole world of people like myself who need small solutions to small pain points.

My middle son is nineteen, and presently in college, along with the adult children of my friends and family. Many of these young adults are in Fraternities and Sororities, and their parents (my peers) are volunteering to manage the Parents Club for these local chapters. They are also managing local sporting clubs for pickleball, tennis, biking, as well as junior high parent-teacher organizations, art and book clubs, and more.

Most people of my Generation X do things the hard way. 


Because we naturally just “get things done” without help or complaining.

But, this self-help usually creates a bit of a “Frankenstein Monster” in the process.

Parents Club managers use random email, Google docs, and payments through Venmo or Zelle. A real mess. All they really need is a simple integrated solution that solves their specific pain.

For example, with my son’s Fraternity, there are Mom’s and Dad’s Weekends for which the club needs to sell tickets, take a head-count, and notify everyone about the events.

None of these club managers is going to seek out and build a simple integrated solution.

They only care about solving the immediate problem. So they slap together a bunch of random stuff.

Because I’ve spent seventeen years learning how to identify and solve these “micro” solution problems with WordPress, I was able to curate a simple solution that delivers everything in one place, owned and controlled by the club, for a very low cost.

Then I’ve taken my own proven methods for positioning oneself as an “expert” with Your Best Profile, and the step by step system for finding, approaching and selling the Parents Club solution to the club managers without any prior experience.

Just one sale is enough to show you that the system works, and encourage you to build a roster of ten to fifteen clubs or more at $1500/year, which is a very profitable side hustle for minimal work.

Although I cannot guarantee that you or anyone will be an awesome salesperson, I can teach you how to present yourself properly, offer a valuable service, and send emails that make you sound like you know what you’re talking about.

This makes it  “no-brainer” easy for prospects who are GenX like myself to realize that you are offering an attractive solution (and relationship) for the pain they are experiencing as volunteer club managers.

Let me walk you through the Parents Club solution.

As mentioned, this was created for a Mom’s Day weekend, where the Parents Club for my son’s fraternity had four events in three days. They needed to notify 180 parents about all the details and pricing, so that everyone could purchase tickets for family members planning to attend.

The Parents Club solution I created is able to manage the events, notifications, event sales, follow-up receipts, and automated reminders for all parents.

The first page acts as a landing and sales page, showcasing everything that is going to happen for the upcoming event.

The logo was done in just three minutes using a free Canva template, and you could likewise create a logo for your client using the same tool

You will notice in the demo screenshots that I’ve set up all four Parents Club events on the checkout page itself, so that anyone can select their products, the quantities, and complete their order all in one spot. This makes it super easy to know what is available and what has been purchased, without getting lost in a lot of separate pages.

By just checking a box, and adjusting the quantity, a parent with no tech skills can get their order properly completed on any mobile or desktop device in under a minute.

Best of all, with the Parents Club LaunchKit, you will already have the WooCommerce checkout connected to Stripe credit card gateway with a test account so that you can demonstrate this solution to your own prospective buyers.

This allows you to immediately demonstrate the ease of the checkout experience for buyers. For club managers, you can even show the orders coming through via a mobile phone, which is very impressive to a busy club manager who otherwise would not know how to set up this type of modern functionality for themselves.

Parents Club also includes a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). This allows all club members to be pre-loaded from a spreadsheet, or added automatically when they purchase or fill out a form, and then experience a personalized journey and communication experience with the club!
For example, the CRM and automation make it possible to monitor and track which parents have not yet purchased tickets so that they will receive reminder emails but the parents who have already purchased will not.

The built in CRM also tracks the totals of all products purchased, emails sent previously and allows the addition of notes relating to each parent. 

For example, if one parent named Steve Parsons is allergic to gluten, it would be a shame if he had bagels! So the CRM can track special notes about his dietary preferences and makes it easy for the manager running the event to know what he needs to avoid.

These capabilities occur all in one spot, instead of being spread out over multiple random services or emails, making the solution very attractive to a club manager trying to simplify their tasks.

In our Parents Club example, I set up a reminder email to be automatically sent out a week before the Mom’s Day weekend event. I used the built-in editor and templates to quickly create a beautiful email that required no prior experience or special skills.

Keep in mind, even with these easy to use features, you will learn with my system how to offer the club manager a monthly “service” that liberates them to hand over these editorial and notification tasks to you to handle for a small recurring monthly charge ($50 to $100/mo).

From a transactional standpoint, the Parents Club solution really shines with the way it tracks all purchasing and attendance information for club members.

By using the CRM and tags to track the purchase behavior of any club member on the site, it’s easy to count the number of participants for each event and contact them about any change in plans. And with one click it is also possible to process a cancellation and refund directly to any buyer’s credit card. This feature alone is enough to convince most club managers…just to avoid the hassle!

The checkout page itself can be completely customized just by dragging the component blocks into a suitable pattern and adding any graphics or images you desire through a simple WYSIWYG interface. This can be quite useful for displaying Order Bumps, Special Offers, or other things that work better for some club situations over others. No coding or web-related skills are required!

Since everything in Parents Club has already been set up with working sample products, one merely changes the product details and price and adds thumbnails (made for free with Canva) for new products being offered by your own Parents Club client.

It’s really as easy as taking a TV Dinner out of the freezer vs. making dinner from scratch!

In fact, the entire benefit of my Your Best Profile and Parents Club bundle is to provide you with a complete system for a freelance side hustle that you can do at any age, any location and any experience level. The underlying technology, processes and strategies have been fully refined and tested on tens of thousands of real-world client prospects over the last decade.

You will have everything you need to succeed at presenting yourself as someone with knowledge and the solution they need, so that it’s easier for you to get their attention and demonstrate the solution properly to prospective buyers. Best of all, you don’t have to build anything from scratch. You merely heat-up a new TV Dinner (clone a Parents Club site, add their personal details and logo) and serve it to your new client.

The system I’ve bundled together has three parts:

1) The Your Best Profile Workshop
2) The Art Of Conversion email strategy and sequence
3) The Parents Club Demo Launcher & LaunchKit.

To make this both easy to use and flexible, you can setup LaunchKit on your own hosting or become your system/transaction “partner” where we handle the hosting and transactions for you (so you can focus 100% on finding new clients and have us manage all the technical and transactional)

I have one bonus service that I’m offering as part of the deal. Since I normally charge $300 per hour at WPLaunchify for hands-on consultative service, this is a huge value at just $39. It’s called Personal Profile Rehab and it offers my own personal evaluation of your LinkedIn or Upwork profile, to help you remove any problems that may be holding you back from succeeding.

My system offers a way for me to continue more than 17 years of helping freelancers and entrepreneurs to earn a side hustle or actual livelihood in a world where Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and other tools are now being used to complete tasks previously done by humans.

Thankfully, and as you will see, there is an entire generation of financially secure human beings (Generation X) who need and desire real live human interaction to help them with doing things that they don’t want to figure out on their own, and that cannot be easily done by automation or artificial intelligence.

It is at this intersection, between the technology and the generation of people who grew up with a desire for real life relationships with people, that you can quickly and efficiently build up a roster of relationships with profitable freelance clients and generate a stable recurring revenue every month.

Want to know the proven recipe and process for launching your powerful online business today with WordPress?